Blossom into the Dance World


Alarippu, meaning flowering bud, signifies the start of something new. This invocation piece is usually done at the beginning of any bharatanatyam recital and pays respects to both God and the audience. With the sound of the nattuvangam combined with the drum beats, alarippu focuses on tuning the body and mind so the dancer is awakened.


Alarippu School of Dance strives to bring new techniques and strategies to old tradition. The student-centered learning environment captivates and motivates all students. With intrinsic motivation as its driving force, students will feel a sense of accomplishment regularly. The teacher will be seen as a facilitator, rather than a dictator.



Although bharatanatyam has a strict format and lends itself to a very disciplined structure, the students at Alarippu will learn to love the rigid nature of this dance form. They will have a high-level of understanding of why the art form requires such dedication and commitment.


Students who complete their basic training and arangetram (solo dance debut) at Alarippu will not only understand how to dance well, but will also understand the musical and rhythmic aspects of dance.


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