Tips to Becoming a Successful Bharatanatyam Dance Choreographer Featured

26 March 2014 By In Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam dance is a classical dance form having its roots in South India. Centuries before, the dance was practised by just a few sections of the society. Today, it’s a world famous dance with several Indians and foreigners eagerly learning this art. This demanding art, however, requires years of practice to make one ace performer. Its detail movements and precise postures could at times be daunting unless one is partnered with the right teacher. The role of a teacher or a choreographer is, thus, very crucial in Bharatanatyam.


Exhaustive Knowledge

Moving on to becoming a successful Bharatanatyam choreographer, well, that requires intense knowledge on the art as well as the mythological stories based on which a performance usually takes place. One, to become successful choreographer must be well aware of Natya Shastra, mudras, aesthetics and other detailed nuances.

Creative Side

Well, in-depth knowledge on all the above said areas plays a crucial role in choreography. In fact, it forms the basis for getting into the creative side of classical dance. Ace performers come up with different classical dance forms to create unique styles. These combinations add subtleties to the movements. With rich experiences and combining different dance forms, a choreographer can create innovative trends. Apart from regular mythological stories, imagination too can make a great difference in creating variations in dance forms.

Knowledge and creativity should go hand-in-hand for a successful choreography. If you are a qualified performer with sound knowledge on Bharatanatyam and any of the other classical dances say Kathak, Odissi, Kathakali or Manipuri, you can combine the aesthetics of these dance forms to come up with a novel performance. The knowledge on other dances, though it can be achieved from old and modern books, various styles can be carried better by physical training, which helps you become a better choreographer.


Bharatanatyam is often hailed as a form of expressing stories or imagination artistically. The subtleties and rhythmical steps can best be choreographed with appropriate blend of above said aspects.

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