Student Showcase 2014 Featured

16 June 2014 By In Bharatanatyam

As the crowd of excited parents and students entered the double doors of the auditorium, the anxious and excited voices were like the small hum made by a swarm of bees. The parents were eager to see how their children have progressed in the past year and the children were excited to show off their talent. I could feel the adrenaline pumping as I watched them frantically do last minute adjustments to their make –up and hair.


Alarippu Dance School had never presented so many students on one stage in the past. It only opened in 2012 and people are so curious as to how the children are able to perform so quickly. I parallel the basic steps with small pieces so children get used to dancing to music early on in their dance career. They are also very motivated when it comes to performing on stage. The first annual “Student Showcase” had 23 participants and was held at the Milpitas Public Library. Several people not associated with the school stopped by to see what was happening at the library. The colorful display in the auditorium, it was bound to attract an audience.

When I begun my first announcement, everyone rushed to get their cameras and video recorders ready to capture their children on film. As the program continued to exhibit the seven traditional bharatanatyam pieces, the audience grew more and more attentive. They were so thrilled at the confidence displayed by their children. “Was this MY daughter?”, they would continuously ask themselves.

It is astounding to see how much support young artists receive today. They are cared for and nurtured from the beginning. I am so proud to have started this dance school two years ago. The first “Student Showcase” was a grand success and I am looking forward to many more performances such as this in the future.

Congratulations to all of the students and their families for making Alarippu Dance School a success!

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