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19 August 2014 By In Bharatanatyam

After a relaxing and rejuvenating summer, the students are back with bright eyes and an unmatchable eagerness to learn. With the new school year underway, I am thrilled to say that the students of Alarippu Dance School are ready to show off their talent this year.

One of the main challenges for a teacher is to keep the motivation of the children at a constant high. With the several demands that children have nowadays, they find it difficult to find time to practice this art form. Many of my students come for class on Saturday and although they do not have school on that day, they have several other classes scheduled back to back. By the time they come for dance class, they are sometimes exhausted. Understandably, the students have to excel in all aspects of their lives. With so many things to balance, it teaches them how to manage their time well.

Students at Alarippu Dance School continue to come energized and enthusiastic because they receive constant praise and stars for practicing well. The children are really pushing the envelope and putting in lots of effort on a regular basis. As a proud teacher, I think each and every student will become successful, just by incorporating these three aspects: Persistence, Determination, and Discipline. In addition to learning the basics of bharatanatyam, students will be able to understand and integrate all three of these aspects into their lives.

Bharatanatyam is an ancient art form, but teaches children how to live a disciplined life, how to continue with determination and how to keep trying in order to reach success. My goal as a teacher is for these young minds is to not only grasp concepts about bharatanatyam, but to teach them how to be proud and successful in life.

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