By Parents

Sasha was nervous about learning dance but Radhika's welcoming manner, energy and enthusiasm won her over.  She looks forward to class every week!

Vyjayanthi, Fremont, CA

I have 2 daughters and both are learning at Alarippu dance school. When we had to find a Bharathanatyam teacher for my older one, who had been learning it for 3 years, due to circumstances, we found Radhika by word of mouth. The references we got were point on how Radhika was very approachable and had a natural flair and dedication for the art and a special talent to tutor the kids. I have always thought that teachers had the most influence in building the interest towards the art in kids. My kids have been happy to go to class and have enjoyed the experience. She is very encouraging and supportive. I would highly recommend her

Uma, Fremont,CA

My daughter started her classes with Radhika eight months ago and we have been very impressed with her teaching and commitment to excellence. My daughter eagerly looks forward to her classes and enjoys the weekly lessons. In addition to being an accomplished dancer herself, Radhika has the rare ability to relate to students of all ages and tailors her teaching according to individual needs. She is very organized, responsive and keeps parents regularly updated of their child's progress as well as upcoming lessons and plans. 
I have no hesitation in recommending Radhika to anyone interested in learning Bharatanatyam.

Roopa, Fremont, CA

We have been part of Alarippu dance school since 3 months and Parvathi is really liking it and eagerly waiting for her classes every week. Radhika has been very much involved with kids and we see lot of progress in Paru.

Suryashri, San Jose, CA

Oviya has just started to learn classical dance and Radhika is able to tailor the classes for the little ones. She is able to convey the meaning of the postures for the kids who are born here. Her friendly manner appeals to the young kids and gets their interest growing. Looking forward to exciting performances.

Aruna, Fremont, CA

Radhika is very passionate about dance and that is the first thing that has really attracted me to her.  She is very friendly with kids at the same time she is able to get them to listen to her. Since Radhika herself grew up in us and is a teacher herself , my daughter is able to connect with her very easily.

Madhavi, Fremont,CA

Radhika is very approachable and very easy to communicate with.  Radhika provides opportunities for the kids to perform on stage periodically throughout the year and I am sure that the kids will benefit from this stage exposure.
Shreya looks forward to the dance classes and performances.

Sukanya, Fremont, CA

By Students

Art of any form is considered divine, which comes naturally to some people. But few have to practice it hard to get the proficiency. With the help of the Guru (rather good Guru), the path of acquiring the skill of proficiency in Art can be made easy and enjoyable.
Bharatanatyam is one of the many art forms which needs lot of time, energy and practice along with a good, experienced and talented teacher. Radhika Dinesh is enthusiastically taking Alarippu Dance School in a direction where more and more people can learn the dance with joy and ease. She knows the nuances of teaching all types of students. I am very happy to be her student.

Shankari, Adult student, San Jose, CA

Radhika Aunty is a wonderful teacher. When Aunty teaches me dance, she explains the stories and hastas. She has taught me many pieces including the Pushpanjali and Ganesha Kauthuvam

Uma, student, San Jose, CA